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The Best Electric Shavers with Reviews For Men

Looking for the best electric shaver? Sure, you are confused with the many different varieties of electric shavers sold out there. Some units might even appear so identical that can stir up the murky water even more. No worries, you’ll get to learn how to spot the difference by getting yourself familiar with electric razor particulars.

We live in a modern world where nearly every one of our actions is governed by the technology we have access to. Technology makes our lives easier and better. And that is exactly why electric shavers were created – to make the task of shaving slightly less annoying.

Top 3 Rated Best Electric Shavers

In general, electric shavers differ in terms of engineering. There are two major kinds of electric shaver, one is the Rotary type and the other is the foil type. What makes the difference? Each one corresponds to specific shaving demands by means of special components integrated on the unit.

For those with delicate skin, rotary shavers work best in minimizing harsh contact between the blades and the skin. And this is made possible by protective outer guards incorporative on the shaver head. This component guarantees your skin is absolutely safe from developing some nicks and cuts.

As for those who badly need a close shave, foil shavers would be the best pick. This sort of unit is incorporated with a foil mesh that conceals the oscillating blades. The design enables the blade to reach the base of hair follicles to make that much-envied below the skin shave. And you better trust the shaving system that no hair follicle will ever be spared. Consequently, this variant can be the best electric shaver for you. Good news, you can grab one at Amazon inclusive of great discount offers.

Apart from the general categories, electric shavers vary in terms of brand name. And each manufacturer takes pride of signature features to differentiate the trademark. Here are some of the top-notch manufacturer brands that made their marks in the business.

1- Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin: Braun Series 7

Braun electric shavers are made popular for foil shaving technology. The manufacturer brand is equipped with features and functions ideal to get a close shave. Meaning, you get to trim those hair follicles from the base. Some of its superb technologies include Gillette blade mechanism, three-stage cutting system, ActiveLift technology, micro vibration motor, etc.

In terms of rotary shaving system, nothing beats Philips Norelco shavers. This premier innovator guarantees meticulous hair-trimming mechanism ideal for people with sensitive skin. And this is made possible by many different technologies such as smart contour touch system, lift and cut action, stay sharp steel, etc.

Nonetheless, there are electric shaver manufacturers with a fair share of foil and rotary shavers on its product lines. These include Panasonic and Remington which are equally fascinating in terms of product innovation. You may also want to check Wahl electric shaver that works best in offering mild shaving technique.

You deserve nothing but the best electric shavers for optimum shaving performance. Unleash the hair-free and flawless new you with these top-rated shavers out in the market. Cheers for sustainable shaving regimen with these highly recommended products. Here are some of them garnering eminent customer ratings.

You deserve no less than the best among the Braun series 7, the 790cc. Compact with the latest and greatest of Braun shaving technologies, no single hair will be spared from its powerful performance. All you have to do is turn the gadget on and it will do the rest of the shaving tricks.

Dynamic Shaving Head

Shaving has never been this efficient with Pulsonic Shaver 790cc. Integrated with fully flexible shaving head, the unit will never miss reaching any curve on your face thereby enhancing surface coverage. Going in depth, the shaving head contains specially engineered foil that traps hair follicles along its way. Optifoil which features ergonomically sized holes maximizes capturing hairs for better follicle trapping. And, the motor yields 10,000 micro-vibrations mobilizing the foil system to give you an ultra close yet comfortable shave.

Sharp Cutting Blades

In order to optimize precision cutting, Braun 7 shavers are incorporated with an impressive blade system. Rest assured one glide would suffice to clear out the surface from any unwanted hair. There is no need for you to suffer from the skin tension brought by repeated shaving strokes that can tear out some tissues on the epidermis. In particular, you can experience this big shaving relief with Braun that utilizes three cutter components. Triple action cutting system allows three-stage trimming to accommodate hairs of any length. Not only that, Active Lift technology that makes use of power comb facilitates quality cuts by exposing hair follicles before cutting them.

Flexible Unit Functionality

As part of grooming requisites, facial shaving comes as a regular undertaking. Hence, you should then make sure that your shaving unit is readily available whenever and wherever. Braun 790cc makes all these possible giving the user much shaving freedom. Cordless operation function allows you to enjoy a shave-time even amidst your trip in the comfort of your car. You can also do your regular dose of shaving either before and after the shower, or during the shower. In turn, you can look clean and hair-free anytime and anywhere.

Powerful Battery Operation

Equipped with Li-ion battery, Braun 790cc Pulsonic razor will never let you down. In fact, it can last for a decent number of shave sessions up to 50 minutes at the maximum. Recharging takes place as fast as 60 minutes to attain full battery capacity. In case you are in a hurry though, quick recharging takes only about five minutes ideal for one shaving session. You do not even have to guess or mark your calendar to monitor consumed battery charge. An LCD display monitor indicates battery level and hygiene status. Certainly, this is the essence of shaving convenience for real.

Sanitation and Maintenance

Cleaning up the unit is necessary for maintenance and sanitation. Considering your busy lifestyle, Braun 7 790cc empowers you to do all these in just one touch of a button. Instant cleaning, drying, recharging, and lubricating commence in no time by simply pressing the special key integrated in the unit. All these functions are made possible with the Clean and Renew System ideal for fast unit sanitizing. To further enhance the clean-up mechanism, the unit is also washable. You can simply wash the unit under running water to rid of hairs as well as dirt that might have accumulated on the shaver.

2- Philips SensoTouch RQ1175/17

Philips Norelco definitely knows how to make a sexy electric shaver. The Philips SensoTouch RQ1175/17 looks like it came from the latest Tron movie. This is a rotary shaver with their Senso Touch 2D technology. What this means in layman’s terms is that the shaving head pivots around while also the 3 heads tilt inwards towards themselves allowing to better handle the contours of your face, specifically your jawline which is normally a weak point of a rotary shaver.

The Philips SensoTouch RQ1175/17 is also a wet/dry shaver which is nice if you like to use shaving cream like myself. This model also charges very quickly (a full charge takes 1 hour) and will last for 40 minutes of shaving time. Lastly, this electric razor comes with Philips Norelco’s Sensotouch beard styler that replaces the rotary shaving head when it times to trim the beard or the mutton chops.

The beard styler has 5 levels to give you your desired trim. We found the beard styler head to be a little bit of a nuisance compared to the other electric razors we’ve reviewed as most other shavers come with a popup trimmer so you don’t have to hassle with swapping heads all the time.

Features: Gyrotech 2D shaving head.100% waterproof and wet/dry, Fully charges in 1 hour lasting 40 minutes of shaving (14 times), Two-level battery indicator,5 setting beard styler attachment, Automatic voltage adjustment works from 100v-240v for, international travel

Pros: This is one sexy shaver. The one-hour full charge is also a nice feature. Also cleaning this shaver is incredibly easy and the hair collection chamber helps as well. The wet/dry feature is very nice if you are like me and like using shaving cream.

Cons: I experienced a noticeable amount of more irritation than the Braun 320S4 foil shaver but this went away after a few weeks of shaving. The additional beard styler trimmer is a bit of a nuisance to change out every time you want to trim your goatee as opposed to the pop-ups found on most others razors and be careful not to set this shaver down on its side as your hair collection chamber will empty itself on to your countertops.

Philips SensoTouch RQ1175/17 Final Thoughts

You are going to be hard pressed to find a lower priced wet-dry rotary shaver on the market today. While the Philips SensoTouch RQ1175/17 may not have the Gyroflex 3D heads like it’s more expensive brothers, the Gyroflex 2D gives you a very close shave with a little of early irritation that goes away quickly. If you can deal with the frustration of changing out the additional beard styler every time then you won’t find a better rotary wet/dry shaver out there.

3- Panasonic ES-LV65

The Panasonic ES-LV65 is the entry line shaver made by Panasonic. You get Panasonic’s 3 nanotech blades (they claim the blades are made like Samurai swords.. whatever that means) with an arced foil and a 14,000 RPM motor. The Panasonic ES-LV65 is also a wet or dry shaver so you can use it in the shower which is something I definitely enjoyed. The samurai sword blades are also hypoallergenic helping with beginning irritation which is nice if you have sensitive skin like myself.

The head of the shaver moves 25 degrees back and forth and 20 degrees left to right allowing for a close shave around the jawline. In fact, I found this electric razor easier to use around my jawline than the Philips 1150X at a similar price point. I wish the Panasonic would leave a slightly closer shave but it did get the job done. If you haven’t shaved for a week you might have to take it slow but all in all, this is a great shaver. Some users do complain about battery life getting weak after a few years but being as how I’ve only tested this electric shaver for a month I have yet to experience this.

Features: 30-degree stainless nanotech hypoallergenic blades with foil, 100% waterproof and wet/dry capable. Flexible pivoting head in 3 dimensions, LCD displays battery level and charging status, Pop up trimmer for beard lines, Automatic voltage adjustment works from 100v-240v for international travel

Pros: Panasonic offers a lot for their entry level shavers. I experienced almost zero irritation when switching to the Panasonic ES-LV65. Panasonic also built this razor extremely well, a solid piece all around. Shaves around the neckline extremely well.

Cons: The Panasonic ES-LV65 didn’t provide as close of a shave on the cheeks as the rotary Philips Norelco 1150X did but it did shave closer around the jawline. This is partially due to the differences between the foil and rotary shavers. Also, some users complained about the loss of battery life after a year, I have not had my Panasonic ES-LV65 for long enough time to comment.

Panasonic ES-LV65 Final Thoughts

The Panasonic ES-LV65’ direct competition is the Philips Norelco 1150X and they both have their own advantages. The Panasonic ES-LV65 does a terrific job around the jawline and should give you zero irritation when first switching over to this electric shaver. Also, the LCD display is a nice touch for the price of this model. Hard to imagine this is only an entry model as the quality of this shaver is so high. Lastly, I would not worry about battery life too much as the users that complained the most still stated they were able to get 4 or 5 charges out of their shaver. If this sounds like the perfect electric shaver for you then click the Amazon link below.

Finding a Great Shaver

Finding a good electric razor can be a rather daunting task, though. There are hundreds of shavers on the market today and most people simply don’t have the time or money to test every single one. So, how do you go about finding the best electric shaver for yourself? Well, that’s where comes to the rescue.

Shaving is an art that has been tweaked and improved for the better part of nearly 120 years. Great men such as William Henson and King Camp Gillette laid the foundation for the razors we use even today but they’ve changed, a lot. Read over Mental Floss’ A Brief History of Shaving to learn more. But simple, manual razors just don’t cut it for most men anymore. That’s why the electric shaver was made – to provide a better, smoother shaving experience using the best that technology has to offer.

Different Electric Razor Brands

The Form

Packaging is inimical for overall performance and quality of the electric shaver unit. Resilience and convenience commonly depend on product engineering. Among other exterior features, the shaver handle is commonly given importance to maximize utility. In terms of getting a good grip, ergonomic non-slip handles are certainly bestselling in the market. Rubberized handle makes gripping almost effortless. Some of the units integrated with this nonslip handle are Remington MS2-390, Panasonic ES 8243, and Philips Arcitec 1090.

The Performance

Motor power dictates the performance of electric razors as it propels the cutting operation. To be able to commence oscillation of blades in foil electric shavers or rotation of blades in rotary shavers, the motor must be able to generate sufficient electric current. Higher propagated power means faster mobilization of the cutter. So far, Panasonic motor innovation has set the trend in the market with its dual motor system propagating up to 14,000CPM. This particular technology is incorporated in units such as ES8077S, ES-LA93-K, and ES-LA63-S.

The Precision

Precision in shaving is made possible by innovative blades assimilated in the cutting system. Electric shavers are inclusive of cutters on the interior portion concealed either by foil mesh or outer guards. Blades are particularly designed to make seamless cuts right at the base of hair follicles. This way, you will not end up shaving again after a day or two. Blade integration varies per brand, for instance, Panasonic has its NanoTech Blades while Remington has its Titanium-tipped blades.

The Efficiency

Shaving technology has been the flagship of any electric shaver variant. Each manufacturer has its own set of patented shaving innovations for competitive advantage. More often than not, novelty ranges from skin surface grazing, hair follicle trapping, up to seamless cutting. In particular, Braun series 7 takes pride in its Optifoil system, Sonic technology, and lift and cut mechanism. All these basically differentiate the unit not only with other brands but also among its product line counterparts within the same manufacturer label.

The Flexibility

Options in shaving operations are the basic clamor of consumers. In turn, here comes the rise of versatile electric razors that allow you to have your shaving session anytime and anywhere. For those who are always on the go, cordless shavers would be perfect such as Remington R91 rechargeable travel shaver. In most cordless units, an operating time commonly lasts for one hour. Recharging usually takes one hour while optional quick charge takes five minutes.

The Extra Functionality

Maintenance technology is now inclusive in most shaving system by means of self-cleaning functions. As a result, rest assured the unit can fairly take care of itself after use. Basically, this feature comes in distinctive auto clean mechanism corresponding to its manufacturer such as Hydra Clean for Panasonic, Clean and Renew System for Braun, and Jet Clean System for Philips Norelco. All these provide cleaning, drying, lubricating, and recharging functions.

Electric Shaver Brands

We’ve taken the time to extensively research, compare, and review tons of electric razors for men from the most recognized names in the industry including Phillips, Braun, Remington, Panasonic, and more. After testing each shaver thoroughly we’ve organized our data here on the website in the form of detailed electric shaver reviews that help men figure out which razor is best for them based on price, comfort, overall shave, and other variables.

If you’re looking for a decent razor that is affordable and still gives a great, clean shave, we’ve got you covered. We provide reviews for other companies as well but they generally provide the most popular and well-known series of shavers available today so we do focus on them primarily. We even cover the basics such as the pros and cons of rotary and foil style razors.

Foil vs Rotary Shavers

Wanna know which products from these companies are absolute king in the shaving world? Be sure to read over our articles where we reveal the best of Norelco shavers, Remington shavers, Braun shavers, and, of course, Panasonic shavers, to learn which razors are the best for the money and will provide a clean, painless shave every single time, free of nicks and cuts.

We also provide electric razor reviews for women but these are usually in lesser quantities because these items are less in demand and are limited to availability, too. But, nevertheless, we do have thorough evaluations of women’s electric razors including the popular Panasonic Close Curves series and more.

Getting The Best Price

And let’s be honest for a moment… a quality shaver isn’t exactly the cheapest product in the world that a man can buy. But on our website, we also provide information about where you can get great razors for better prices than you’d typically find at a retailer by revealing the most affordable Amazon listings for each one. This way you’ll be getting a great product at a reasonable cost.

To put it simply, we’ve narrowed down the catalog of 100s of shavers available to a list of only the best shavers available in 2019. Our reviews are detailed, current, and honest. We strive to help You find a razor that will provide a brilliant, comfortable shave for the best price possible. Whether you’re looking for a shaver that will give you a decent cut on a budget or for a top-of-the-line unit that is capable of the smoothest shave, self-cleaning, and simple maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

How to Find Your Perfect Shaver

As we mentioned above, we’ve done all the leg work for you. Our reviews are extremely thorough and cover the most important aspects such as comfort, ease of use, pricing, quality of shave, maintenance, and other key factors that make up a great razor. We have outlined the top 5 shavers from each of the major brands after reviewing countless different models.


All you have to do is read our reviews for each razor and figure out which one will best suit your needs and budget. Our top 5 lists contain both affordable and high-end models so there will always be a shaver that will agree with your wallet, too. Just pick one out that sounds like it’ll be great for what You need and you’ll be well on your way to getting a hold of a reliable electric shaver in no time.

Simply click one of the brand name links on the right side or the top bar of this website to find out which electric shaver will work best for you. We’ve conveniently categorized our reviews by brand name, price, and overall rating to better assist you in finding the perfect razor to give you a clean, smooth shave without the hassle.